Care Guide


  • No.1

    Before using the pan for the first time wash in hot soapy water, dry thoroughly and season lightly with oil or butter.
    LOW OR MEDIUM heat is sufficient for obtaining the best cooking results. Never overheat the pan. Cast aluminum is a very good conductor of heat and continual overheating could damage the coating. Do not heat the pan when it’s empty.

  • No.2

    The pan must be used for cooking only. Do NOT use the pan for conserving (stocking) the food for longer periods as some aggressive food can damage the coating.

  • No.3

    Use ONLY WOODEN or SILICONE utensils and do not cut the food in the pan. (we recommended our silicone cooking spatula)

  • No.4

    After use leave the pan to cool for a while, clean it in hot soapy water and dry it thoroughly.

  • No.5

    The pan should be hand washed with warm water and soft dishcloth.

  • No.6

    Slight color change of the coating inside the pan does not have any negative effect on the quality of product or it’s effectiveness during use.

  • No.7

    Pots and pans without plastic parts are also suitable for oven.
    It is necessary to use a protector (pot holder) to ensure safe handling of the article.

  • No.8

    Our products are suitable for all types of cookers (gas, electric, ceramic/halogen hobs, oven). We also have a specific range called “INDUCTION (IH) ” suitable for use with induction cookers too.

  • No.9

    Our products are designed for household use. Cooking Arts will not be responsible for any damage caused by misuse of the product.

    Use extreme care while cooking on the gas or any type of cook top.

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